The Groom is then escorted to the mandap where supplications to God are offered to Lord Ganesh first and afterward a concise function happens to respect the man of the hour and purify the mandap under which the wedding service will occur.

The Bride then makes her fabulous passageway and is escorted to the mandap by her maternal uncles or siblings in a service known as Kanya Agaman. A screen called the Antarpat is kept before the Groom differentiating him from the Bride.


Once the Bride has settled down then the Antarpat is brought down and the couple trade garlands (Jaimala).


The ceremonies start with the kanyadaan. This function is by and large performed by the Bride's folks, under the minister's instructions. Their collapsed hands reflect the trust that their child in-law will take great consideration of their girl and never cause her agony. They may wash the couple's feet, as they accept that the man of the hour is none other than the Hindu God Lord Vishnu, to whom they are giving over his legitimate associate, the Goddess Lakshmi as their little girl. The accompanying ceremonies make up the Kanyadaan function:

Granthibandhan, Varmala & Hasta Milap :

In this custom, the groom's scarf or shawl is attached to the Bride's saree, a since a long time ago hallowed cotton accessory called the Varmala is put around both their necks holding them profoundly and the lady's correct hand is set in the groom's correct hand. This bunch and the held hands of the couple symbolize the union of two souls joined together in sacred marriage. The cleric serenades mantras to conjure the favors of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati for the saubhagyavrata of the lady. The lady's guardians favor the couple. Accordingly closes the Kanyadaan service.


A sacrosanct flame called the Havan is lit. Mantras are droned welcoming the different Deities to be available to witness the wedding. Agni the Fire God, being an image of light, vitality and immaculateness is viewed as the boss witness to the wedding.


The pheras to be take place around the holy blaze. The few goes around the blaze as the minister serenades mantras. Bridesmaids give the couple blossom petals. Dissimilar to numerous other Hindu weddings, a Gujarati Wedding has just four pheras called the Mangalpheras (steps around the consecrated fire by the couple) where the pheras symbolize the four fundamental human objectives of: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (i.e. religious and good, success, natural joys and salvation).


The Saptapadi which actually implies seven steps is an alternate essential a piece of the wedding function. Seven Betel nuts (Sopari) are put before the Bride and Groom. The Sapta Padi or the seven pledges for wedded life are then recounted by the couple while the husband to be helps the Bride touch seven betel nuts with her right toe. Through these pledges, the lady and Groom look for one another's backing to make their wedded life an effective and cheerful one.

Sindoor & Mangalsutra:

The Groom spots Sin entryway (red powder) on the Bride's temple & front hair-separating and spots a jewelry (called Mangalsutra) round her neck, an indication of his affection and appreciation for her. Wearing a mangalsutra is an announcement by the Bride that she is a joyfully hitched woman.

Akhand Subhagyavati:

This is the place wedded women come and whisper their favors in the lady's correct ear, longing her as merry wedded life. The amount of women included fluctuates from group to group.


The few is currently hitched and looks for favors from the minister leading the wedding, their particular folks and different seniors present. They all give their gifts to the recently married couple for a joyful, solid and prosperous life together. Furthermore they live joyfully ever after!

Saptpadi (Main some piece of the wedding service):

1.  In your sadness, I will fill your heart with valor and quality. In your joy, I will celebrate, and I make a guarantee to you that I will satisfy you generally with sweet words and deal with the family and youngsters.

2.  We guarantee that we will release all obligations of the family life.

3.  You should be the main individual to whom I might love and admiration as my life accomplice. I will love you with determined commitment.

4.  I will brighten your life.

5.  I will impart both in your delights and distresses. Your affection will make me trust and honor you. I will complete your wishes.

6.  In all demonstrations of nobility, in every type of delight and perfect acts, we guarantee that we might partake.

7.  According to God and Holy Scriptures, I have turned into yours. Whatever makes a guarantee to we gave, we have talked in unadulterated personality. We will be truthful to one another in all things. We will love, appreciation and respect one another and our marriage will be always and ever.

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