Vastu Pooja

Griha (Greh) Pravesh function is performed on the day when you begin living into your new house. This is an extremely paramount event for anyone. To begin living, the passage into the new house on this favorable day is termed as the Griha Pravesh custom. It is accepted that the new procurement is vulnerable to fiendishness strengths and envy and along these lines different "shield" services must be performed. This function means to mollify the divine beings and planets so that the manager of the house is honored with favorable luck.

Upon the arrival of the function, house is cleaned and beautified with a laurel of mango leaves, hung over the primary entryway as a defensive boundary against insidiousness. Shafts are raised outside the house around which banana leaves are wound and tied. Both the mango and the banana tree are viewed as propitious, since they are images of ripeness and thriving.

It is set down in the scriptures that the Griha Pravesh function ought to occur at a promising time i.e. muhurat. One ought to counsel the Pandit for the promising date and time for the service.

Before going into the house, a function called tremendous shanti is performed. This function means to conciliate the divine beings and planets so that the holder of the house is honored with favorable luck. Like whatever available puja, this additionally starts with Ganesh puja, to uproot all deterrents. The following custom is the oblation to the Yagya (Havan).

Vastu is a piece of Sthapatya Veda (Vedic building design). As indicated by the Vaastu shastra, vitality uneven characters in the house are the reason for obstructions in one's advancement. Now and again there are blames in development to add to any inherent issues with the present vitality of nature. This Yagya is very proposed when moving into another home. It evacuates all abhorrent and antagonism of the home, enhances the strength of the occupants, expand imagination & internal insights, build the life span of life, development in profound & material life, build agreement & steadiness in crew. In business put by performing Vastu Yagya enhances the proficiency of workers, extension & benefit all hands on deck. The methodology includes stimulating the genuine ground or bhoomi, the establishments, the focal columns and the doorways of the house. It is likewise exceptionally helpful on the off chance that somebody is not living in a house as per Vastu. It amend s the Vastu dosha when performed occasionally.

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