Sundar Kand

Sundar Kand is the fifth part of the Ramayana. This part portrays Hanuman ji's oath to cross the sea looking for Sita mata, his insightfulness and quality to conquer all snags on his direction, how his gathering reduces Sita mata's ache, and his show of extraordinary valor and astuteness in the get together of Ravan as a diplomat of Shri Ram. On his route back, Hanuman ji shows the force of Shri Ram's armed force by smoldering critical royal residences of Ravan's kingdom. Upon his come back to the shore, Shri Ram himself gigantically acknowledges Hanuman ji and grasps him in the wake of listening to points of interest of his excursion to Lanka, lastly Shri Ram lays the plan to assemble the extension over the sea to Lanka with the assistance of his armed force.

All the sections of Ramayana aside from Sundar Kand are named on the premise of spots or occasions. In Sundar Kand, through his chivalrous deliberations, Hanuman ji can bring satisfaction to both Shri Ram and Sita. He sang glories of Shri Ram and was adulated by Shri Ram for his work and saw upon as a sibling. Because of the portrayal of wonderful occurrences and lovely relationship in the middle of Bhakta and Bhagwan, this section is called Sundar (delightful) Kand.

Droning of Sundar Kand imparts the inclination of bliss and peace in the lover; and it has the force of evacuating the agonies of the aficionado as he profoundly raises himself. In the expressions of an extraordinary Indian scholar and mastermind Shri Rajagopalachari, "One can't comprehend Hindu dharma unless one knows Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat and Hanuman".

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