Randal Mata Poojan

Randal Mata is the wife of the Sun God Shree Suryanarayana; she is a definitive energy, as the sun is a definitive wellspring of vitality the Shakti. Vishavakarma is the Father of Shree Randal Mata, I accept Vishavakarma is the assistant ,the actual type of Lord Brahma, one day Randal mata got exceptionally tired of all the brilliance spilling out of the Suryanarayana; the high temperature was excessively for her to hold up under ,She went to the folks house and said "My Father I need salvation" as the hotness from my spouse is over whelming .Father because of his pledge to Suryanarayana in the lagana mandap was stolen, yet being a maker he accompanied an answer and made a double Randal Mata . The double Randal Mata backpedaled to Suryanarayana, he create more youngsters with her ,however one day he recognized that she was being inclined towards the offspring of the first Randal Mata and inevitably found the misrepresentation !!! Since that day the Randal Mata goes to your home in pair as Lotas, from two to eight Lotas, if more than eight then they become a jaag. One as the first alternate as the duplicate. The JAAG must be performed for seven days continuously for every lota you need to welcome seven goinies, for two: fourteen goinies, for four: twenty eight goinies, for all the more than EIGHT????Then that turns into a Jaag, you need to do the pooja for seven days welcoming option goinies for each one day, So 56 exchange goinies a day, now a days in London there are purported Bhuvas and Mandirs, who perform Randal Mata pooja 108 Randal Mata Lotas in one day !!!!!!! Just Randal mata knows of what and how and why of their motives, but if all the more than eight lotas that is defiantly a jaag.

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