Griha Pravesh Pooja

The event of one's first entry into a new house should do Griha Pravesh for better future in the house. Once the home is ready, the family moves in on a fortunate day that is determined by the astrological charts. Clarity of panchang (almanac) and fortunate time (muhurat) must be considered in the griha pravesh. Three types of griha pravesh have been stated in our antique scriptures:


Apoorva (New) griha pravesh should perform when one takes first entry to newly built house on a particular property.


Sapoorva griha pravesh should be done when one takes entry into an already existing house after travelling abroad or migration.


As soon as one takes entry into a house after refurbishment or renovation consequent to damage because of fire, flood or earthquake is named as dwandwah (Old) griha pravesh.

For apoorva griha pravesh, the exact auspicious time needs to be followed to. For sapoorva griha pravesh or dwandwah griha pravesh, the clarity of the panchang should be given due to consideration.

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