Chandlo Matli

This Gujarati marriage capacity is performed when the young lady and kid's families consent to the organization together. "Chandlo" is a red round made in the focal point of the temple. It speaks to the third profound eye.

The spouse's father, alongside 4 male parts visits the boy's home to apply "Chandlo" and give a "Shagoon" (token fiscal blessing). The marriage date is generally settled at this point. They likewise take boxes of 'mithai'(sweetmeats), which the groom's guardians will disseminate to their family and companions.

In present day times, the prospective lady and husband to be are acquainted with one another, and after their horoscopes are matched, they are permitted to settle on the choice to wed. When they give their assent, the engagement is solemnized.

"Chandlo" signifies "tikka" and "maatli" is the earth holder, which was utilized to pack 'mithai' in the long time past days.

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